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China Tang At The Dorchester

China Tang, London
China Tang At The Dorchester - Central London

31st March, 2011 → by One Man's Meat.

I loved the setting at China Tang – elegant and opulent but not garish, you are immediately whisked away to a faraway land, even if for me that faraway land was a 5-star hotel in modern day Asia where many similarly decorated restaurants can be found, rather than the 1930’s Shanghai the restaurant is meant to represent. Nevertheless, sense of escapism duly achieved. The...

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Daydreaming Arabia…
Colbeh - Central London

30th March, 2011 → by TheSkinnyBib.

Daydreaming Arabia… - Posted by theskinnybib on March 30, 2011 · Leave a Comment  - Persian, or in a more politically accurate term, Iranian, cuisine dates back to the ancient time when fierce Persian warriors brandished their swords against the sculpture-bodied Greeks, when God did not exist and Jesus was yet to be borne. Thanks to centuries of gastronomic...

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Hasan Meze & Mangal

Mangal II: G-Spotting
Hasan Meze & Mangal - East

29th March, 2011 → by TheSkinnyBib.

Mangal II: G-Spotting - Posted by theskinnybib on March 29, 2011 · Leave a Comment  - There is a good reason why one would travel as far north as Dalston to Mangal II. I came across a drunk man unleashing his pole-dancing talent on a busy street; I saw fresh seabass and king prawns being sold on that same street; but these were not the reason. Was it the ocakbasi-style...

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Santa Maria del Sur

Un Boliche in London
Santa Maria del Sur - South West

27th March, 2011 → by TheBlogAboutNothinginLondon.

My fascination for Argentinean culture comes from my dad. He lived in Argentina and the influence of those years was huge on him. I remember my childhood having BBQ in our garden almost every weekend, and my dad used to invite all his musician friends in order to sing his beloved tangos. - Cass Committee to investigate the place - Probably the first song I learnt wasn’t...

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Harry Morgan Restaurant

Harry Morgan
Harry Morgan Restaurant - Central London

27th March, 2011 → by TheSkinnyBib.

Harry Morgan - Posted by theskinnybib on March 27, 2011 · Leave a Comment  - Lurking behind the Chinese communities around the globe in numbers must be, to my narrow-minded belief, the Jewish. While my great-great grannies bring their woks along when they emigrated from China, the good Jewish people keep with them the Kashrut, generally and perhaps not fully understood...

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The Porterhouse

An Irish Place in Covent Garden
The Porterhouse - Central London

26th March, 2011 → by TheBlogAboutNothinginLondon.

If there is one pub I frequented that is Porterhouse. Irish roots, serving and brewing exclusive beers many of them international award winners. The mix 3x3, 3 stouts, 3 lagers, and 3 ales. My favourite one Plain stout. - If you’re hungry an Irish menu featuring Bia Beag (small food) to main plates, and also covering burgers with Irish beef. The place features live music,...

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Maroush I: A Lebanese Crash Course
Maroush - Central London

26th March, 2011 → by TheSkinnyBib.

Maroush I: A Lebanese Crash Course - Posted by theskinnybib on March 26, 2011 · Leave a Comment  - In this 21st century, Britons and the immigrants seem to agree that kebab is the new chips. Despite its popularity, it is not always easy to tell where your dose of kebab originate from. There is, surely, a cross over of origins – India, Central Asia, Iran, Lebanon,...

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El Rincon Quiteno

A Few Great Things On Holloway Road
El Rincon Quiteno - North

25th March, 2011 → by TheSkinnyBib.

A Few Great Things On Holloway Road - Posted by theskinnybib on March 23, 2011 · Leave a Comment  - I was fooled by the promotional signs of £2.99 dinner deals and a milkshake bar that claimed their frozen fruit was fresh on Holloway Road – anybody would. And so I was fooled by the pedestrians who did not look the type to care much about food – many of...

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Gauthier Soho

Gauthier Soho
Gauthier Soho - Central London

24th March, 2011 → by TwelvePointFivePercent.

After the unmitigated disaster of our recent experience at Les Deux Salons, I wanted my next meal with fashion-and-now-food blogger Michael Ford to be really special. In a recent conversation about places with a good reputation for their vegetarian offering - Michael being sadly afflicted by that mercifully rare condition which causes its sufferers to forbid themselves lovely...

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The Ledbury

Thecriticalcouple - The food blog
The Ledbury - Inner West

23rd March, 2011 → by TheCriticalCouple.

There are good restaurants and there are great restaurants, and then there are a very small handful of restaurants that are just downright special: today, The Ledbury proved to be very special indeed. Respect for the ingredients, clean brilliantly precise flavours but all there for a purpose and all working together. And of course all ingredients brilliantly cooked. Front of house too...

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